Akashwani (meaning ‘Oracle’ and representing open-mindedness and free thinking as well as spiritual inspiration and freedom, in the founders’ sense; adopted from the same Sanskrit word, the literal translation being ‘Voice From The Sky’) is a music ensemble founded by Kalle Rademacker and Wolle Aretz in 2008 .

Akashwani use music as an oracle through which the spirit speaks.

The music is meditative by nature, having at times a spiritual 'healing' quality.




Sometimes Kalle and Wolle have invited musicians for improv sessions, which are a private spiritual happening of natural musicians speaking through free-spirited creative sound in the inspirational language of music,

afterward also creating imagery and videos in conceptualizations through reflective interpretation (sometimes published online for sharing, but without any commercial considerations whatsoever).

The improvs are always free-style, no preparation, capturing the moment of invention (which often have the special magic of a rough diamond with some polished spots), 

recorded mostly at Wolle's "Stone Temple Studio";  and sometimes elaborated and developed toward complete pieces.


The following is a reverse chronological retrospective of Akashwani’s albums with lots of information and music...Enjoy!


Here the complete last album, released in 2019:





01: Om, Namah Shivaya:

02: Om, Mani Padme Hum:

03: Wheel of Live:

04: Sweetest Memory:  

05: Time goes by:  

06: Free Spirit:  

07:  Don't Worry, My Child

08: Mh:

09: Om 136Hz (C#3):

10: Cosmic Bells:  




CDs and Videos recorded before:





Here you can listen to "Divine Bolero" on Youtube:



More "Daydream" Music on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes store ect.




"The Living Painting"






Here a Video with music from the CD (art film documentary):







"From Sunrise to Sunset"

Here "At the Sacred Waterfalls":







Here the first 3 pieces of part 2: 



"Sea of Transformation"

Here an extract for listening:





"Bird of Paradise"


 Here the first 3 pieces: