Here some original compositions by Wolle Aretz,

mostly recorded at his "Stone Temple Studio"

in the mountains of Gran Canaria.


The pianist Mingo Roque and the drummer Wolle Aretz played together for the first time in the 80´s with the Salsa-Latin-Jazz Band “La Sonora Tronera” in several concerts together with the cuban Latin Jazz Band “Irakere” around the pianist Chucho Valdez.

In 2020 they started their recent Jazz Project mainly with original compositions recorded at Wolle´s Stone Temple Studio.


The Jazz Quartet "Memorandum" has recorded this album with original compositions of Rayko León, Reinaldo Rivero and Wolle Aretz in 2008.


Akashwani (meaning ‘Oracle’ and representing open-mindedness and free thinking as well as spiritual inspiration and freedom, in the founders’ sense; adopted from the same Sanskrit word, the literal translation being ‘Voice From The Sky’) is a music ensemble founded by Kalle Rademacker and Wolle Aretz in 2008 .

Akashwani use music as an oracle through which the spirit speaks.

The music is meditative by nature, having at times a spiritual 'healing' quality.



Jazz Haydn was founded in 2009.

It is formed by Rayko León on piano, Leandro Ojeda on double bass and Wolle Aretz on drums.


La Iguana Blues Band is a group that gives tribute to the best of Blues and Rock of all times.

It was formed in 1991 out of a jam session in a pub in Las Palmas called “Pub La Iguana” where the name was derived.

With the style of the Canadian singer/guitarist Dave O'Connor the group started with personalized versions by Blues and Rock Groups such as ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore, Golden Earring, ect. 

Trough the years they  included more and more of their own original material in their repertoir, recording two CDs.